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Nov 02, 2015:
New Lower Prices - San Marino

Nov 01, 2015:
New Lower Prices - USA

Aug 05, 2015:
New Lower Prices - Cuba

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O O Mobile Global TravelSim - Personal Assistant Service

personal assistant
How do I make use of Personal Assistant Service?

Enjoy free usage of the O O Mobile Global TravelSim personal assistant service until January 1, 2017.

Your Personal assistant can provide you with information and concierge services, travel support, business services, medical assistance and emergency help as well as interpretation services. Customers only pay per minute rate of the outgoing call in the host country.

Personal assistant is available 24/7/365 worldwide.

It is provided in English (dial +372 991) and Russian (dial +372 992). You can ask for a translation to any other language.

Some typical situations when you could use the personal assistant’s help

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