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Nov 02, 2015:
New Lower Prices - San Marino

Nov 01, 2015:
New Lower Prices - USA

Aug 05, 2015:
New Lower Prices - Cuba

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Free calls to TravelSim from Viber

We are proud to announce that O O Mobile TravelSim together with Viber have forged a unique partnership in order to provide free calls from Viber to all TravelSim numbers!

When the feature is activated, Viber users can call TravelSim numbers for free using special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is a TravelSim number. Contact O O Mobile to activate this feature for your O O Mobile TravelSim!

The call is free for Viber user. The cost of incoming Viber call for TravelSim user is incoming call rate in the host country plus 0.15EUR per minute. In case TravelSim user is in the country with free incoming calls, the cost will be just 0.15EUR per minute!

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