Unconditional Redirect Service
How Do I Use it?

During the time between your trips, you can redirect calls coming to your O O Mobile Global Travelsim number to any international number!
There is no additional cost for redirection to numbers of over 120 countries! For example, if you live in the USA (a country with free incoming calls to the O O Mobile line) you can forward your O O Mobile line to your USA number while stateside and carry one less phone. When you leave on travel you can deactivate the forwarding.

This feature is activated by user by dialing *146*081*(00+country_code+number)#
i.e. {example *146*081*003726166550#}

Feature is deactivated by dialing *146*080#

What does it Cost
Unconditional redirection Rates are based on Travelsim standard retail Extra rates. In cases where calls are redirected to a number in the country listed in O O Mobile Global Travelsim standard retail Extra rates, the user will be charged on a per minute basis. If the call is redirected to a number in a country that is not listed in the O O Mobile Travelsim standard retail Extra rates call redirection will be free of charge!

Your phone can be switched off after setting up the redirection number.

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